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Submission Guidelines

  • Submit one copy online by emailing to and one hard copy with an attached submission form to ASWC office 
  • Hard copy must be signed by one faculty member in the discipline under which the paper will be published 
  • Submissions must be current undergraduate research or academic writing complete at Westminster College
  • All submissions must meet Westminster academic standards 
  • All submissions must adhere to the style requirements mandated by its respective academic discipline (MLA, APA, Chicago, etc.) 
  • All submissions, electronic and hard copy, are due by 5:00 p.m. on Monday, November 1, 2010.
  • Submission forms are located in the ASWC office and online at
  • Submit questions to the Executive Editor at


Selection and Review Process

Myriad is a venue for undergraduate research and writing to be peer-reviewed and published. We encourage students from all fields of study to submit their exceptional essays, projects and research.


  • Review committee is composed of students well-experienced in their fields
  • Committee members will only judge submissions within their discipline
  • The review committee will make recommendations to the Executive Editor as to which submissions they feel should be published

Review Process

  • All submissions will be reviewed and returned to authors with comments and editing recommendations by Wednesday, November 10th
  • Authors will make changes to their work and submit the edited, final copy by email on Monday, November 22nd
  • Submissons will be chosen for publication based on the quality of the work received at the end of the review process
  • The process will be entirely anonymous—authors will not know the names of review committee members nor will review committee members know the names of the authors of submissions

Copyright and Privacy

Information will be here soon.