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Pre-Institute Workshops

Pre-Institute Workshops


A Model of New Learning: Project-based Programs at Westminster College

Aric Krause- Dean Division of New Learning, Westminster College

Description:  In this session, the project-based learning model in use at Westminster College is explored, with discussion of the student learning model itself as well as data evaluating the model, cost effectiveness and student engagment.  The necessary conditions for successful deployment of project-based learning are enumerated, as is a step-by-step "how-to" model for incorporating project-based learning into programs and majors. 

Partnering for Success:  Sharing the Risks and Rewards of Creating an Online Program for Students on the Autism Spectrum

Kevin Stoner- Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs, Laura Stolfi- Director of Achieve Degree, Sarolta Takacs- Dean, Sage College of Albany and Terry Weiner- Provost, The Sage Colleges

DescriptionThis workshop describes how one college worked with a not-for-profit on-line college to develop a new program targeted for students on the autism spectrum.  How can two institutions work together and share the risks and rewards?  What are the advantages of developing new programs with partners outside your own institution?  How does a college take the risk of reaching a previously untapped and under-served population?  What educational, legal and financial considerations go into marketing programs for disabled students?  These and other issues will be discussed in depth by the team that developed the first online program for students with autism.

NAC&U On-line Course Collaboration; David Rowland- Valparaiso University

Description: This workshop reports on the activities of the NAC&U committee developing a process for collaboration of online courses offered by NAC&U campuses.  Participants engage in discussions about ways to facilitate the collaboration and additional ideas for cooperation. 


Integrative Learning and Eportfolios:  Enhancing Learning Across the Institution

Peter Ingle- Director of Learning Coalition, Westminster College

Description: This workshop provides participants with a description of effective eportfolio practices.  These practicces provide students with a means for integrating learning from across the curriculum.  Methods of assessment are explored and participants are asked to identify ways to incorporate eportfolios at their institutions. 

A Pedagogical Model for Faculty Engagement through Short-Term International Programming: Opportunities and Challenges

Warren Haffar- Dean of International Affairs, Arcadia University

Description:  This workshop presents successful strategies for engaging faculty and students through short-term international programming.  Focusing on two examples--Arcadia's Preview Program (for first year students) and advanced upper level courses that engage students in research-based international programming led by faculty and staff--this workshop addresses the benefits, challenges and transferability of the Arcadia approach to other institutions.

NAC&U Committee Report:  Teaching Competencies for On-line Courses;  Kate Collier- Nazareth College and Sharon Schlosser- Samford University

Description:  This workshop reports on the work of the Committee for Professional Development for Teaching Online Courses and seek input from participants regarding additional competencies  Professsional development programs are also discussed.