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Allie Roach

Summer 2011 - Honors Research Grants 

Allie Roach

Major: Neuroscience
Career Goals: Physician Assistant
Research Mentors: Dr. Betsy Kleba

Characterization of Novel Haloarchaea Genera

Halophiles as a Source of Bioremediation. By selecting halophiles with the appropriate biomolecules capable of breaking down pollutants present in industrial brine effluent, toxic waste spills may be remedied through bioremediation, thereby preventing top soil erosion and/or intermingling with ground water. Through characterizing novel isolates taken from Great Salt Lake, a useful halophile may be discovered that could be utilized in bioaugmentation of such brine effluent.The first round of characterization of these newly discovered haloarchaea genera will determine their optimal growth conditions, from which further analysis of these samples may be performed.

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