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Division of New Learning
Westminster College
1840 South 1300 East
Salt Lake City, UT 84105

A private comprehensive liberal arts college in Salt Lake City, UT, offering undergraduate and graduate degrees in liberal arts and professional programs. Website
New Models of Instruction

New Models of Instruction

The Division of New Learning has built and delivers a series of hybrid academic programs that have one operating principle - - to graduate, you must demonstrate, through real-world application, mastery of the full set of competencies and abilities in the program.  Serving adult learners, these programs recognize that a person can learn anywhere and through a variety of means.  What matters is the outcome - the learning.  In such programs, the length of time to completion is a variable - it depends on what you already know and how much time you have to dedicate to learning what you don't yet know.  In other words, the only constant is what you must be able to do when you've finished the programs; everything else is variable.

To support students in these programs, faculty act as "mentors" and "coaches", working alongside the student, as needed, to help the student reach a level of expertise required to fully demonstrate mastery.  This very different role for faculty is a central focus for the Division of New Learning, in terms of training and redefining faculty productivity.

As of 2013, the Division of New learning has built and delivers the following programs using new models of instruction, in conjunction with each program's respective School and faculty:

  • The Bachelor of Business Administration Program (BBA):  Built for working adults, this program is a degree completion program in business for those who have an associates degree or the equivalent from a regionally accredited institution.  
  • The project-based Master of Business Administration (PMBA):  Built for professionals who aspire to leading top organizations, this program allows a very high degree of flexibility while preparing you to be the leader you are capable of becoming - leadership is not just a word; it is a series of practices, each of which is built in this program.  Real-world projects for today's leading firms.
  • The Master of Strategic Communications (MSC):  Built for professionals in the communications industry, this program prepares students to lead teams and manage creative projects from start to finish.  This program uses real-world projects that every communications expert must be able to do.
  • The RN to BS Program (RNBS):  This program is for associate degree practicing nurses who are ready to lead in any health care organization, and results in the Bachelor degree qualification, ready to lead and move into advanced practice programs - don't just get a degree, learn how to lead today's dynamic health care organization.

Additional programs are in development.