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Wilderness First Responder & WEMT

Spring 2015 Course
Practical Session: March 20-24, 2015
This course requires ~40 hours of pre-course work
$530 for Westminster Community before January 23
$580 for non-Westminster Community before Jan. 23
$575 for Westminster Community after January 23
$625 for non-Westminster Community after Jan. 23

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To Enroll in the Course and Receive Academic Credit
You must sign up through Web Advisor as you do for your other academic courses. The course fee ($530) is added to your tuition as a class fee.

To Enroll in the Course Without Receiving Acedemic Credit
register and pay online.

Wilderness First Responder or WFR (pronounced "woofer") courses are designed to meet the needs of wilderness guides, expedition leaders, and outdoor instructors. They are the industry standard for wilderness medical training. It is the wilderness medicine training course for outdoor professionalsand the course you want your friends to have taken before you travel with them! This course will also be offered as a WEMT course with separate pre-requisite texts. The course is taught by the Wilderness Medicine Training Center (WMTC), one of the leaders in wilderness medicine education. WMTC is the only wilderness medicine provider to offer a complete distance learning course in wilderness medicine. Their distance learning WFR course has three distinct components: a didactic distance learning component, on-line testing, and an on-site practical session. You MUST complete the didactic material—using WMTC's text, field manual, and animated DVD—and on-line testing prior to attending the on-site practical session. The time required to complete the didactic material and testing ranges from 25-50 hours depending on the individual student. The five day 50 hour practical session completes the course with skills labs and simulations designed to fully align the academic work with practical application. While distance learning courses are not for everyone—they require academic discipline and the ability for effective self-study— you can learn MORE taking a WMTC's distance learning WFR course than a standard WFR course. For more information, please visit This course may be taken for 1 or 2 HPW credits. Contact Tiana White at 801.832.2861 or for further information.