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Helping Hands

Helping Hands

H - Help individuals understand that care of one's health is part of the responsible stewardship of lifeMany people have helped make Parish Nursing possible. We could not do it alone. So, we would like to gratefully thank the following for their timely and tireless contributions:

The Helen Jacobsen Estate
, Dr. Bennion, Executor and Trustee, Nursing Education Scholarships
CHRISTUS Fund Board, Grant Proposal Funding in 2000 and 2002
Father Lincoln Ure, Chaplain, St. Mark's Hospital
Jeannne Hansen, Graphic Artist
Galen Ewer, CEO, Christus St. Joseph Villa
Sr. Suzanne Brennan, CSC, Executive Director, Holy Cross Ministries
Maureen Keefe, Dean and Professor, University of Utah College of Nursing
Sheryl Steadman, Dean, Westminster College School of Nursing