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Professional Development

Through this project sequence:

  • You complete self-assessments to identify perceived gaps between your current skill levels and those you need to achieve your goals as a business professional.
  • You demonstrate skills in communication, ethical decision making and critical thinking.
  • You develop understanding and appreciation for issues of diversity and social responsibility and examine business perspectives around culture, ethics, leadership, and planning.

Areas of Coverage

Project 1-1:
Personal and Professional Skills

By focusing on multiple assessments of yourself, both personally and professionally, you better understand your own ethical framework and leadership capability. You demonstrate your writing and oral communications skills. Also, using gap analysis, you assess your personal and professional experience and prior learning to develop an individualized learning map for the program.

Project 1-2:
Sensitivity to Diversity

Explore your personal habits, beliefs, and values associated with different dimensions of diversity in order to develop an appreciation for diversity within the culture of your firm. Consequently, you examine the firm's beliefs about diversity and the culture and policies it implements to support those beliefs and contrast your own personal values with the firm's values.

Project 1-3:
My Work Environment

Assess the current status of your firm using Balanced Scorecard dimensions and use this information to develop an assessment of your firm's strengths and weaknesses relative to its history of ethical decision-making and its approach to diversity.

Project 1-F:
Professional Goal Setting

The goals of Project 1-F are to afford you an opportunity to analyze and interpret the impact of your personal and professional characteristics on your need to develop as a business professional within your firm and/or industry; develop a personal and professional BBA program plan that consists of an integration of your previous descriptions of personal and professional strengths and weaknesses; an outline of the gaps in your development as a person and as a business professional; and  a set of goals (personal, professional, and academic) that you will work on during the program..