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Rose Defa
Director of Executive Education
On the Draw 110
Salt Lake City, UT 84105

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A Step-by-Step Look

We begin by working with the management team or an individual to assess education needs. Once this is determined, we create customizable, competency-based learning experiences designed to enhance the mastery of skills and abilities required in todays’ global business environment.

While the nature of competency-based learning is creative and applied, it is nonetheless very disciplined in its approach. Learning by doing is the theme of sessions regardless of the topic. Following are the steps that typically comprise Westminster’s competency-based learning programs:

  • Sessions begin with a clear articulation of required learning and learning goals, customized to the organization's or individual's goals.
  • Up-to-date readings provide the foundational knowledge necessary.
  • Participants are fully engaged in competency-based exercises and simulations, receiving continuous feedback from Westminster expert coaches to build and perfect practical abilities.
  • Participants complete projects tailored to their work environment to build and demonstrate mastery of the learning goals.
  • Participants augment their learning by accessing our proprietary 24/7 knowledge database and working with our expert coaches until they have demonstrated mastery of the concepts.