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Westminster's Psychology Program

Why Study Psychology at Westminster?

Psychology is the scientific study of mind, behavior and human relationships, and is a great major for students who have a general interest in understanding behavior and its determinants.  Psychology offers an academic major leading to a STEM-designated Bachelor of Science degree, as well as an academic minor. 

The psychology curriculum provides students with an academic and experiential background for graduate study in psychology and/or employment in social service, research, and other settings where an understanding of human behavior, thought, and emotion is relevant.  The curriculum in the Psychology major gives students a breadth of background while also allowing some specialization.

The Westminster Difference:

  • Hands-on experiences in active and engaged class sessions allow students to apply psychological principles to their own lives. 

  • The psychology curriculum helps students develop skills and knowledge in psychology through a sequential approach to support deeper learning - from introductory courses through culminating learning experiences in senior year.

  • Research opportunities with faculty members support the development of relevant experience for graduate school and exploration of one's interests. Our students present their research at college, regional, and national conferences.

  • Our STEM designation helps students develop scientific thinking skills to understand evidence-based practice and research in psychological science. 

  • Community-based volunteer opportunities give our students ways to express and explore how course content relates to multiple contexts.  Opportunities include schools, community agencies, healthcare organizations, justice facilities, and other locations.

  • Our career exploration course helps students understand what paths can address their interests and how to take meaningful steps to prepare for the future. 

  • The Psychology Club and our own chapter of Psi Chi Honor Society encourage membership in other scholarly and professional organizations, as well as participation in the general activities of the club.

  • Use of the American Psychological Association learning goals for undergraduate education assures relevance and connection to the wide range of current opportunities in the field.