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Clinical & Counseling Psychology

Clinical and Counseling Psychology

Clinical and Counseling Psychology aim to explore the differences between normal and abnormal behavior and how people can achieve better levels of functioning in their lives. As such, study in this area is devoted to the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of individuals with difficulties in cognition, emotion, and behavior. Courses in this area (e.g. Abnormal Psychology, Childhood Psychopathology, Methods of Counseling, Exploring Addictions) will help students understand the complex nature of psychopathology.

These courses will also provide a sound theoretical, practical, and research base for those continuing on for an advanced degree in clinical or counseling psychology, social work, or marriage and family therapy, or for students who would like a strong basis in understanding human behavior for work outside of the social services, such as in Human Resources in a corporate setting. Courses taught in this area will encourage thoughtful self-reflection, consideration of diverse cultural contexts, and increased awareness of internal and external factors that impact mental health services and delivery systems.

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