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Cognitive Sciences Emphasis

Cognitive Sciences Emphasis

The Cognitive Sciences emphasis in psychology explores the role that elementary thought processes play in complex thought and behavior. Biological, chemical, neuroscientific, and computational aspects of human and non-human animal cognition are also considered.

This area lies at the intersection of psychology, neuroscience, biology, and computer science and utilizes the tools and knowledge of these related disciplines to better understand human and non-human-animal minds and behavior. As such, courses emphasize basic cognitive (e.g., sensation, perception, attention) and neural (e.g., neuroanatomy, neurophysiology) as well as more complex processes (e.g., learning, memory, language, emotion, problem solving).

The area is driven by rapidly evolving experimental techniques and research contributions from a variety of fields spanning the biological and psychological sciences. The emphasis provides an important and necessary overview of the neurosciences to students interested in pursuing careers in biologically based areas of psychology, while individual classes provide complementary information for students pursuing other emphases.  

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