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Why Live on Campus?

Why Live on Campus?

Nearly one-fourth of the undergraduate students at Westminster College choose to live on campus as a part of the residential community. Why is that?

It's a Home Away From Home

The amenities that are offered to students who live in residence are difficult to come by in living off campus, especially for the value. Students are provided with:

  • Televisions with cable in lounge areas.

  • Access to affordable washers and dryers in each building.

  • Wireless internet access on our campus network.

  •  Various recreation spaces and equipment in residential areas.

  • Common kitchen areas are available on each floor of the first year residence halls and in each apartment in the upperclass halls.

  • A free telephone with caller ID and voicemail to rent.

It's a Family Away From Family

Living on campus gives you an opportunity to meet other students and form bonds that last a lifetime. It seems nothing is more influential on college students than their friends and peers. You are also part of a diverse community with students of different ethnicities, cultures, life experiences, and beliefs. Whether it is a late night study session or a walk into Sugar House to see a movie at the movie theater, the people that you live with are a support system that most students yearn for when living away from their friends and family. They will be the people that you celebrate with when you get an A on the test that you studied hours for and the people that you laugh with when someone mistakenly puts dish soap into the dishwasher instead of dishwashing liquid and it covers the floor with suds. And yes, there is a difference! By living in the residence halls you will feel a connection to the campus community that is fast, lasting, and is hard to come by any other way.     

It's Convenient

Most students enjoy the convenience of being able to roll out of bed at 8:45 AM for their 9 o'clock class. Everything that Westminster has to offer in the way of facilities is just a five minute walk from any residence hall. Being a part of Sugar House is also very convenient with many shops and restaurants with in walking distance of campus.

The Staff is Ready and Willing to Assist You

The Office of Residence Life statt is ready to assist you in making your new home a positive environment supporting of your academic pursuits. Full-time, professionally trained staff live on campus and supervise the housing communities. Resident Advisors (RAs) live in the halls with residents to answer questions and offer various levels of support. These student staff members are recruited and trained to provide assistance to residents and maintain a community contributing to positive academic and personal development.

Safety and Security

Westminster College employs Campus Patrol officers to ensure campus safety. They patrol the campus 24/7 by foot and patrol car. Trained staff (Resident Advisors and Professional Staff) are located in each residential area to help with concerns or issues that arise. Each residence hall or apartment entrance is staffed by a Hall Monitor and is locked and accessible only to resident students.