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2003 - Winter

The Review Magazine: Winter 2003

Cover: Westmisnter Review Winter 2003Table of contents:

Westminster in Azerbaijan

A Westminster professor finds movement toward a democratic Islam in Azerbaijan.

Thoughts on a Trip to Thailand
Entrepreneurship is alive and well in Thailand.

Does Dos Plus Dos Still Equal Cuatro?
A Westminster student participates in the Summer Institute for Mathematics in Puerto Rico.

Why Study Abroad?
Dean of Education Janet Dynak discusses the benefits of a study abroad experience.

The Inauguration of Westminster's Sixteenth President
Westminster's Board of Trustees, deans, faculty, staff, students, and distinguished public figures gathered on the campus for one of the most significant events in a college's history.

Westminster Adds to Higher Education Debate
Academic symposium responds to Greater Expectations report on the future of higher education.

New Center for Business, Aviation, and Entrepreneurship Brings a New Dimension to Learning
Trading room, simulators, and practical experience in entrepreneurship bring a new dimension to learning.