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2004 - Winter

The Review Magazine: Winter 2004

Cover: Westminster Review Fall 2004Table of contents:

A Message from President Bassis

The theme of this issue of the Review is change--change in the college itself and changes the college helps students make.

Solar Flares: The Angry Sun
Despite the sun's remarkable stability for almost five billion years, astronomers know the sun is an active body that periodically erupts with considerable violence.

Westminster Athletics: Cheering on a Winning Team
Athletics has made a comeback at Westminster , and the program appears to be running strong and making points.

Westminster Summer Challenge Camps
A select group of teens from Utah and surrounding states tried out careers and tested the waters of college life at the inaugural Summer Challenge Camps at Westminster .

Foster System Volunteer: From Foster Care to Fostering Care
Growing up, this Westminster student lived in 20 foster homes. Heidi Edwards is now already an active community volunteer who spends many hours working for the organization she is most passionate about---uFOSTERsuccess.

Crossing Paths with Crossroads Urban Center
By working on the Crossroads Urban Center food co-op plan, Westminster management students acquire not only academic knowledge, but the experience of helping others.

Save a Life
College alumnus Owen Wells wants you to become a bone marrow donor: The life of his daughter depends on it.

From Lib Ed to Ghandi
The Westminster College Honors Program is a highly competitive program offering a unique experience for academically and intellectually prepared students who want more out of their undergraduate studies.

Alumni News