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A Message from President Bassis

A Message from President Bassis

The theme of this issue of the Review is change--change in the college itself and changes the college helps students make. More generally, of course, the world around us changes and we must as well or risk being left behind. Mark Twain put it in his own inimitable way when he said, "even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just stay there."

So Westminster is changing. For example, construction of one building will be completed this fall and three others are in various stages of development; we have a new strategic plan to guide the college in exciting directions over the next decade; our enrollment is growing and our national visibility is increasing.

But in the midst of all the change there is at least one constant: Westminster remains committed to creating a powerful learning environment where education is rich, deep, and transformational, and students and their learning are at the center of our activity.

The features in this issue illustrate both the continuity of our commitment to students and our willingness to find new ways to make their experience at Westminster both stimulating and meaningful. I invite you to visit the campus in the near future--when you do, you will see the changes we are making and I expect you will also be assured that we are preserving the characteristics that make this such a very special place.