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Emergency Terminology

Emergency Terminology

Shelter in Place: Choose an interior room or one with as few doors and windows as possible. Remain there until the danger has passed. Examples: Earthquakes or other severe weather, nuclear alert, hazardous material spill.

Lock-down: Get into a lockable space, like an office or classroom and remain there. Lock and barricade doors, turn off lights cell phones to silent or vibrate mode. Get under desk or other surface to hide. Wait for further instruction from law enforcement. If the threat is in your building and you can safely flee, then do so. Examples: Active shooter or dangerous person immediately threatening the campus.

Evacuate: Immediately leave the building that you are in, exiting through the nearest and safest exit. If the fire alarm has been activated, do so. Examples: Fire, smoke.

Avoid Area, Warn Others: In these types of incidents, the emergency is localized on campus. College officials do not want anyone near the area and want you to alert others of the emergency. Examples: Hazardous material spill, flooded roads, aircraft accident, bomb threat, civil disturbance, fire, gas leak, or power lines down.