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Nyssa's Summer Research Reflection

Nyssa Landres's Summer Research Reflection

This summer I worked on a couple of different projects. One was helping out with an English as a second language (ESL) math summer camp, where I was a mentor and worked with the kids. Part of this was helping to design the camp itself and working with its director and math professor, Bill Bynum. The other was working for Dr. Jen Simonds, a psychology professor, who needed to find resources for her intro to psych class that she was modifying for this coming fall.
During the ESL camp I learned a lot about language barriers because this is the biggest obstacle that I faced. So a large part of the camp was trying to figure out how to communicate, as well as teach mathematical concepts. Before working with these kids from East High I didn’t really have any experience with helping to teach math and I feel like I still wasn’t very good at it even by the end. However, it may be an ongoing project that will continue into the fall and will definitely happen again next summer.
Finding resources for a psychology class ended up being really interesting. I’m not a psych major, but it’s kind of a hobby of mine. Most of my job entailed online research, which meant I got to sift through tons of podcasts, videos and articles. Since my first assignment was to look up resources that had to do with memory, that’s most of what I did because I started this project so late into the summer. But I feel like I learned a lot about memory including long-term, short-term and sensory memory, and the processes of the encoding, storage and then retrieval of memories. But some of the most interesting information I found was on dreams and how they relate to memories. Hopefully I will be able to continue my research into August and cover more subtopics of psychology.