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Research Labs

Emphasizing Learning Through Experience

There are 5 research labs in Meldrum that are dedicated to practical student-faculty research.

The goal of experiential learning is to provide a bridge between the theoretical concepts and experimental practice of science. Students discover that theory, computation and observation form a continuous way of understanding the real world.

While experiential learning opportunities are often available outside the classroom, the Meldrum Science Center offers a single learning experience where theory and experimentation form a continuum. The traditionally separated lecture and laboratory space is replaced by integrated lab/classroom design, where the content drives the mode of exploration, not the facility. Removing the boundaries between the classroom, laboratory, simulation, and experiment provides students with a more realistic opportunity for understanding and appreciating the rigorous pursuit of scientific knowledge.



In addition, the Meldrum Science Center itself will be used as an educational laboratory for energy efficient design and environmentally sound construction. Real-time monitoring of building energy systems will provide numerous opportunities for analysis and increased understanding of environmentally responsible principles. These visible, energy-efficient design features create an ideal environment for experiential learning.