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The Nautilus

The Nautilus: lietmotif

The nautilus shell is the leitmotif of the Meldrum Science Center found on the wood-tiled floor, the magnificent window above the East entrance, and many other places throughout the facility. It is nature's example of a logarithmic spiral that can be found in everything from art, business, history, to mathematics and science. This pattern is representative of the interconnectedness of the learning that occurs across our science curriculum and throughout the entire Westminster campus.

This logarithmic spiral can be derived from a pattern of squares that conform to a unique mathematical proportion called the golden ratio. This scaling factor is used to create a series of smaller squares where the length of each side decreases proportionately to the previous square. As a curved line is drawn through the diagonal of these squares, a spiral is formed. Each successive square is significant to the overall formation of the logarithmic spiral, much as a college campus is defined by its various pieces and their connections to one another.