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SO Events

SO Events

Here is the the event list for the 2014 Westminster Regional on March 29, 2014. Confirmed events are indicated by an "X". Events that might be run are indicated with a "?".  Updates will be posted as we obtain them.

Updated on February 28, 2014 (changes from Feb 26 schedule in RED)

        B Events
      C Events
Anatomy and Physiology            X            X
Boomilever            X            X
Bottle Rocket (Egg-o-naut)            X            X
Can't Judge a Powder by its Color
Chem Lab              X
Circuit Lab
Crime Busters           x  
Designer Genes    X
Disease Detectives           X           X
Dynamic Planet**           X           X
Elastic Launch Glider           
Entomology         X X
Experimental Design           X    X    
Forensics                X
Helicopter           X     
Heredity X  
Mag Lev            X
Materials Science            x
Metric Mastery           X  
Road Scholar           X  
Robo Cross           X  
Rocks and Minerals           X     
Rotor Egg Drop           X
Shock Value           X  
Sounds of Music            X  
Water Quality            X            X
Wheeled Vehicle            X  
Write it Do it            X

 ** This will be the same exam as the WSU regional, students that competed in this event at WSU will not be able to compete in this event at the Westmisnter Regional.