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Free tutoring is available in many subjects for current Westminster undergraduates. Tutors can help you with specific questions or general knowledge on a topic. Tutoring services are a great alternative for you to effectively support your learning experience in a one-on-one setting.

Tutors are fellow students, recommended by professors. Contact the START Center at 801-832-2280, or just stop by, for a tutor referral. In the event that we do not have a tutor available, we will contact the faculty for recommendations. Tutors are available in the fall and spring semesters.

Free drop-in math tutoring is available in the Math Tutoring lab is in Giovale Library on the first floor, or pick up a tutoring schedule in the START Center. The Writing Center, located in the Bassis Center, provides free assistance with writing to all Westminster students, faculty, and staff.  Free drop-in business course tutoring is available in the Business Tutoring Center in Gore 117 A/B.   For free chemistry coaching, visit the Chemistry Coaching Center in Meldrum 384.

Become a Tutor

Study groups provide students an opportunity to review class material.To tutor subjects in which you have a strong background, you will need to complete an application, go through an interview, obtain faculty recommendation(s), and complete a short orientation session on Canvas. A 3.2 grade point average for the subject(s) you want to tutor is required. This is a great opportunity to assist fellow students, enhance your knowledge and skills, and get paid. Applications are available during the fall and spring semester in the START Center or the link below.

Click here for an application.

For a faculty recommendation form, click here.