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Your Role in the Advising Process



  •  Please make an advising appointment by calling the START Center at 801.832.2280.
  • Carefully consider your academic and career goals and share this information with your advisor.
  • Review your Academic Catalog, the Class Schedule, major/degree requirements and read about academic/college policies, procedures and requirements. See the appropriate Academic Catalog (make sure you are looking at your correct program year).
  • Prepare a list of questions before meeting with your advisor and bring a proposed schedule.
  • Ask questions! If you are unclear about what classes you need or want information about a college policy or procedure, your advisor will help you.
  • Know the academic calendar and be aware of important deadlines.
  • Know your academic requirements and keep track of courses completed by reviewing a copy of your degree audit with your advisor. You can obtain a copy of your degree audit online by using WebAdvisor or in the START Center.
  • Contact your advisor at times other than the official advising/registration periods. Advisors are available year round. It is important to inform your advisor about any academic or personal problems as soon as they arise. Your advisor can refer you to any needed campus, academic, and/or personal resources.
  • Adding or dropping classes without consulting with your START Center or faculty advisor may result in a failure to satisfy degree requirements and may also delay graduation. Dropping courses may also have an impact on your financial aid package.
  • Make an advising file and keep copies of all your academic documents so if questions arise you have documentation.
  • Advisors expect you to make your own decisions. Advisors can provide you with advice and options, but you must ultimately choose what is best for you.