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Pathfinder - A Freshmen Advising Program

Welcome to the Pathfinder Advising Program

A Program of Exploration - designed for first year students

You have just started out on a very exciting journey! How does it feel to be a freshman? Most new students are nervous because being a college student can be challenging – at least at first.

There’s a new language to learn (college jargon), college policies and procedures can be very different than high school, course expectations are an unknown, and almost everywhere you turn, there are brand new opportunities and experiences. Explore every avenue along the way! START Center staff and Peer advisors will help keep you on your path to graduation.

You were introduced to the Pathfinder Program at your first academic advising appointment in the START Center. The first three Pathfinder Guides were part of your registration packet. This program is designed to help you make a successful transition to Westminster and teach you almost everything you “need to know but were afraid to ask”!

Throughout your first year through your campus email address, you will receive more Guides and information on:
     • How to add or drop courses
     • How to handle being on a waitlist
     • Grades, Credit/No Credit, Midterm Reports, Academic Probation
     • How to conduct academic self-evaluations
     • Important approaching deadlines
     • Major and Career exploration
     • How to design your comprehensive academic plan
     • Campus resources
     • The importance of academic advising appointments
     • And much more!

Keep watch on your campus email account for these important updates. The subject line is always Important – Pathfinder – read them all!

Contact Ginny DeWitt in the START Center at 801-832-2281 for more information.

The Pathfinder Program was developed for Westminster College by Ginny DeWitt, Associate Director, START Center.

The development of the Pathfinder Program was made possible through Penn State’s DUS Navigator Program pre-conference workshop materials from the NACADA Conference held in Salt Lake City, 2002.

The DUS Navigator Advising Program was developed by Penn State’s Division of Undergraduate Studies (DUS) Advising Improvement Committee.

Weldon P. Sams, PHD           Laura S. Brown, MED     Michael J. Leonard, MS
Committee Chair                    Ruth B. Hussey, MED     Assistant Director, DUS
DUS Programs Coordinator     Senior Undergraduate 
                                            Studies Advisers