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5 - How Am I Doing So Far

How Am I Doing So Far? Am I Okay?
Midterm reports from faculty

  • Learn about early academic warning letter
  • CR/NC - Credit/No Credit
  • Academic Probation
  • Conduct a self evaluation of your academic standing
  • Learn how faculty evaluate you at midterm 

Academic Self Evaluation

  1. List your current semester courses in the box below
  2. Estimate how you are doing so far in each course:
    * Are you attending every class?
    * Are you on time with assignments?
    * Do you understand course materials/information?
  3. List grades and other feedback on assignments, tests, and quizzes.
  4. Determine if you need help to get the grade you want and come to the START Center to learn about our many resources for you.

Use one of these GPA calculation websites for additional help:
1. Bucknell University GPA Calculator
2. Back to College GPA Calculator

Academic Faculty Evaluation

At the midpoint of each semester, most instructors submit early academic warnings for students enrolled in their courses. Students are assigned numbers (not grades) based on the following statements:
1. Not attending class
2. Attending class sporadically
3. Attending class but missing assignments or tests
4. Attending class but performing poorly

The START Center mails letters to all students who receive an early warning. The letter encourages you to meet with your instructor and use campus resources for academic support services. Feel free to come to the START Center for assistance anytime! (Carleson Hall, 801-832-2280)

Beware: Although most instructors submit early warnings, not all do! Just because you didn't receive a warning letter don't assume you're doing fine in a course. Ask your instructors how you're doing if you're not sure.

Campus Resources

All campus services are free of charge.

  • Ask your course instructor for help. The course syllabus contains contact information and office hours.
  • Request a START Center tutor - Carleson Hall 801-832-2280
    Math assistance
    Tutoring for many courses
  • Meet with Karen Hicks in the START Center for Academic Support - call 832-2280 to make an appointment.
    Note taking techniques
    Testing techniques
    Time management
    Test Anxiety
    Reading techniques
  • Contact the Counseling Center where you can discuss
    Stress management
    Adjustment problems
    Personal Counseling
    Lisa Jones 801-832-2237 or Michelle Call 801-832-2246
  • Visit the Giovale Library Writing Center and Information Commons
    Essay and report-writing assistance
    "Refworks" tutorials for writing papers
    Web research pointers
    Web CT assistance
  • Use study skills resources on the Web
    Study Guides and Strategies
    University of Minnesota - Duluth
    Virtual Pamphlet for College Survival


CR/NC Option (Credit/No Credit)

You may choose to take a maximum of two courses that are not required for your major or minor on a CR/NC basis. Students who later declare a major or minor in a program after having taken a required course for this program will be required to retake the course for a letter grade or make an appeal to the Registrar's office.

Students who take courses CR/NC must perform work at the level of C- or higher to receive credit. Grades of CR/NC are not included in GPA calculations.

Check the semester calendar for the deadline to choose this option. The Registrar's Office has the form you need. Instructors are not aware of who is taking the course.

WF (Withdraw Failing)

Do not decide to withdraw (drop) any courses too late in the semester! Check the deadline in the academic calendar. If you drop a class past this date, your transcript will show a WF and this is figured into your semester GPA as an F.

Do not drop a class without discussing it with an academic advisor - there are possible financial aid consequences. If you have special circumstances (health, family emergency, etc.) that require you to drop from all classes in a semester, please see Mark Ferne, the Dean of Students in the Shaw Center.

Academic Probation

Students who do not achieve a certain GPA each semester are placed on academic probation for the following semester. (Ex. If you are registered for 14 credit hours Fall semester, the minimum GPA you need to achieve is 1.80)

# of Hours attempted


Minimum GPA required

1 -13



14 -27



28 and above



If you do not improve your GPA during Spring semester, academic probation leads to suspension from Westminster.

If you need further assistance evaluating your academic progress or developing strategies to improve your grades, please contact an advisor in the START Center by calling 801-832-2280.