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Goal 1 initiatives/strategies

Goal 1 Implementation Strategies and Initiatives

To distinguish the College by preparing "Graduates of Westminster College," graduates who have developed skills and attributes crucial for success.

Implementation Strategy

Develop a learning-centered environment focused on helping students achieve college-wide and program-specific learning goals.


  • Council on Assessment. Appoint a council or similar group to be responsible for overseeing the college's efforts to use college-wide learning goals by:
    • coordinating the development and implementation of systems for:
      1. monitoring how the goals are being addressed through curricular and co-curricular programs
      2. assessing student success in achieving the learning goals
      3. using the results of these assessments to strengthen the curriculum and co-curriculum
    • assisting academic programs in their efforts to assess student learning relative to program-specific learning goals
    • periodically evaluating the relevance of the college-wide learning goals and proposing revisions
    • proposing additional ways for the college to build a strong learning-centered environment
  • "Prepared for Success" Program. Establish a program to introduce students to the college-wide learning goals during their first semester and to help them identify a plan for achieving the goals by graduation.
  • Co-Curricular Initiative. Develop multiple co-curricular opportunities for student learning that support college-wide learning goals.