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Goal 2 initiatives/strategies

Goal 2 Implementation Strategies and Initiatives

To distinguish the College by offering distinctive educational programs designed to prepare students for success.

Implementation Strategy A

Continue to develop degree and non-degree programs that are mission driven, market sensitive, and focused on clearly defined learning goals.


  • New Program Development. Build new undergraduate and graduate programs that are consistent with the strategic plan.
  • Centers and Institutes. Develop centers and institutes that support the academic interests of faculty and students that are linked to issues of local, regional, or national concern.
  • Graduate Council. Establish a Graduate Council or similar resource to assist with the development and coordination of master's-level programs.

Implementation Strategy B

Develop undergraduate and graduate programs that effectively use active, experiential, collaborative, cross-disciplinary, and related types of learning.


  • Center for Teaching and Learning. Establish a Center for Teaching and Learning or similar resource, linked to the Faculty Technology Center, to provide ongoing support for faculty and staff initiatives to use active learning designs and pedagogies (e.g. undergraduate research, study and travel abroad, learning communities), and to assess the use and effectiveness of these across the curriculum and co-curriculum.
  • Center for Experiential Learning. Establish a Center for Experiential Learning or similar resource to encourage and support opportunities for learning through internships, volunteer work, service learning, and related curriculuar and co-curricular activities.
  • Information Commons. Establish an Information Commons withing the Giovale Library where students who are seeking to improve their writing, math, information literacy, and research skills are assisted by staff and peers through the use of various technologies.
  • Writing Center. Establish a Writing Center or similar resource, linked to the Information Commons, to assist students in their efforts to learn to write well and to assist faculty to using writing as an important tool for learning.
  • First-Year Learning Communities. Enrich the learning environment and integrate students into the Westminster Community by developing learning communities where cohorts of first-year students enroll in at least two courses linked by a common theme.
  • College-Wide Learning Community. Develop the college as a community of active, collaborative, and cross-disciplinary learners who, each year, explore a selected topic or theme through a variety of activities such as public lectures, exhibits and performances in the arts, film series, study circles, and intergroup dialogues.
  • Center for Diversity. Establish a Center for Diversity or similar resource to provide ongoing support for efforts to address the college's commitment to diversity. Such a center would promote opportunities for students to learn through intellectual and experiential encounters with diverse ideas, perspectives, cultures, and people.

Implementation Strategy C

Expand and enrich opportunities for student learning by utilizing the resources of the local environment to maximum advantage.


  • Center for the Environment. Establish a Center for the Environment or similar resource to support the development of curricular and co-curricular programs and other efforts to use the unique ecology of the local region as an educational resource and to promote environmental awareness and responsibility.
  • Urban Initiative. Develop ways to use the resources of the Salt Lake metropolitan area to expand and enrich our curricular and co-curricular programs.
  • College Concierge Program. Establish a College Concierge program to facilitate student access to volunteer, cultural enrichment, recreational, and entertainment opportunities in Salt Lake and surrounding areas.
  • Mountain Sports and Recreation Programs. Develop a variety of mountain sports and recreation programs that utilize the resources of our unique location to provide extracurricular opportunities for student learning.