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Goal 3 initiatives/strategies

Goal 3 Implementation Strategies and Initiatives

To distinguish the College by our commitment to continuous improvement, effectiveness, and value.

Implementation Strategy A

Invest in the programs, the facilities, and the people that are critical to the college's ability to realize its long-range vision.


  • Academic Opportunity Fund. Create an Academic Opportunity Fund, new dollars in each annual budget, to support the development and continuing operation of new initiatives that support the strategic plan.
  • Professional Development Fund. Enhance the quality, diversity, and morale of the faculty and staff by increasing the endowment for professional development.
  • Housing Initiative. Accommodate more traditional-age students from diverse locals by increasing the availability of student living quarters on or adjacent to campus.
  • Facilities Initiative. Provide adequate resources and space to accommodate the growing needs of the college by renovating selected buildings and by constructing a new science building; alumni house; health, wellness, and athletic center; and parking garage and athletic field structure.
  • Human Capital Campaign. Enhance the quality, diversity, and morale of the faculty and staff by improving employee recruitment, compensation, evaluation, and recognition processes.

Implementation Strategy B

Develop strategies to maintain the college as an affordable, student-centered institution as well as a highly effective and valued educational experience.


  • Accelerated Learning Program. Establish an Accelerated Learning Program that uses program designs and pedagogies which are responsive to the unique needs of non-traditional learners.
  • New Designs for Learning. Explore the use of academic program designs and technologies that reduce costs while enhancing opportunities for learning.
  • Student Aid. Increase the resources available for student scholarships and employment, and use these resources creatively to support both merit and need.
  • Streamlined Administrative Operations. Develop ways to increase cost-effectiveness while maintaining quality in all operations of the college.

Implementation Strategy C

Continue to strengthen the College's resource base, visibility, and capacity for improvement.


  • Capital Campaign. Develop and execute a capital campaign to raise money for student scholarships, faculty and staff development, endowed chairs, centers and institutes, undergraduate research, new facilities, and other needs related to the strategic plan.
  • Student Enrollment Initiative. Develop new student recruitment and retention strategies to meet the following enrollment goals:
    1. modest annual enrollment growth at both the undergraduate and graduate level
    2. an increase in the academic profile of entering students
    3. an increase in the proportion of traditional-age undergraduates living on or adjacent to campus
    4. an increase in the proportion of students from diverse backgrounds
  • Integrated Marketing Plan. Increase the understanding of the college at the local, regional, and national levels by developing and implementing an integrated marketing plan.
  • National Advisory Board. Increase the understanding and support for the college at the local, regional, and national levels by creating a National Advisory Board.
  • Institutional Culture. Continue to align the policies and practices of the college with its core values and to encourage efforts to model the college's learning goals in the organization and execution of all programs and activities.
  • Institutional Goals. Establish goals for the organizational health and effectiveness of the college that are grounded in an understanding of best practices.
  • Institutional Assessment. Develop systems for assessing the college's success in achieving institutional goals and for using the results of the assessments for purposes of institutional improvement.