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Other Achievements

Other Achievements

  Cody Reeder is a finalist for Mars One, a project to establish a human settlement on the red planet in 2023. Cody is one of 1,058 candidates that will be narrowed to a final team of four. More than 200,000 people world-wide applied. Cody is a sophomore studying physics at Westminster and he is the college’s beekeeper.
The Westminster Chamber Singers recorded a song entitled “Be Still My Soul” to be featured in Resistance Movement, a film telling the true story of three teenagers who risk their lives to help stop the spread of Fascism in Nazi Germany. The film will premiere on July 11 at 7:00 p.m. at Megaplex 17 in Jordan Commons. To watch a trailer of the film, visit http://www.resistancemovementmovie.com/.
  Alphabet Soup took 2nd place in the vehicle float category at the 2012 Utah Pride Parade. The student club also marched with a banner for Westminster Allies and one congratulating Bruce Bastian for his honorary degree from Westminster. There were a record breaking 125 entries and 5,000 people marched in the parade.
  Brittany Evans, Juliette Sutherland, Stephanie Gutierrez, Ideanna Carrasco, and Karsten Gillwald recently designed a new recycling station aimed at improving Westminster’s STARS (Sustainability Tracking, Assessment & Rating System) rating. The recycling station, located in Shaw, provides students with a convenient way to recycle paper, aluminum, plastic, glass, batteries, and cell phones. The station’s information board features facts on how and why to recycle each item, information about Westminster’s environmental programs, and a calendar of upcoming events hosted by environmental groups on campus. To make an even bigger impact on Westminster’s STARS rating, the students made the recycling station almost entirely out of reclaimed materials.