Spaces and Places



         Find a place to relax, study or watch TV between classes.

Check out this PDF for a full listing!

Once you’ve found a place to park, who wants to leave campus for an hour and then start the search all over again? Here is a list of some of the widely and little-know places that students can spend time between classes. Some are quieter, some are more social, but there is a place at Westminster to suit just about any commuter needs.

The Shaw Student Center

The main floor of the Manford A. Shaw Student Center is great for getting food between classes, visiting ASWC, Student and Residence Life Offices, the Bookstore and Career Center. There are also TVs, couches, pool and foosball tables. It’s not very quiet, so if you’re looking to study, try early morning or the late afternoon.
The lower level is home to Student Health Services, Counseling, International and Diversity Centers as well as student publication offices, the Office of Spiritual Life and more.Eating Area

The Gore School of Business

The Gore Business School is always busy, but you can find a few different places to socialize with your fellow students as well as get your school work finished. The Student Lounge on the main level and faces 1300 East. The patio on the south side of the building is great for sunny days, as is any of the outdoor spaces on Westminster’s campus. The CFA is a fantastic place for business students to collaborate on class projects as long as a professor doesn’t have their class in there already! Keep up with the market and watch the ticker scroll by.

Gore Student Lounge

The Giovale Library

The Giovale Library has a multitude of places to spend your time between classes. The main level offers computers, study tables, and lounge chairs great for reading in front of a wall of windows. There is a cafe open afternoon and evening to grab a coffee or snack. The top floor has the tower reading room. The lower level offers a computer lab with specialized software and tech support. There are also chairs and study carrels throughout the building.

Library Atrium

 Malouf Hall

The ground floor of Malouf is home to the school of education. There is a community room that is open to students, faculty and staff of the department. Spend time chatting with professors, catching up on your reading or working on your portfolio.

Malouf 1














On the 2nd floor in Malouf you can find the science students waiting patiently until fall 2010 when the New Meldrum Science Building opens. Until then, grab your slide rule and talk theorems with your fellow science students between classes.

Malouf 2

Converse Hall

Converse is the most recognizable building on campus. It houses classrooms, offices, the Math Tutoring Lab, and two little-known study areas. The second floor lobby has a seating area, and the third floor nook is great for hiding out or taking a quick nap, just don't forget to wake up for your next class!


 EEJ: The Jewett Center for the Performing Arts and Emma Eccles Jones Conservatory

Lower EEJ

“EEJ” has seating areas on the main and lower levels for student use. The main level is brighter and “Mr. Westminster” watches over you while you sit. Downstairs is a modern, more mellow space with excellent art to gaze upon as well.Main Level EEJ

 Don't forget about the Eccles Health, Wellness and Athletic Center!