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Stevie Quintana

Stevie QuintanaName: Stevie Quintana
Major: Business Marketing  Minor: Spanish
Hometown: Sandy, Utah
Clubs & Interests: Tennis Club, Spanish Club

When deciding colleges, Stevie Quintana’s focus was on finding the best learning environment. In Westminster’s discussion-based courses, she found that. The courses keep her engaged and interested in what she’s studying. The small class sizes make it easier to focus and get to know everyone as well.

Just finishing her first year of college, Stevie understands the intimidation students feel when entering college. “Westminster is a good transition from high school,” she says. The campus environment is fun, friendly and welcoming to new students. Even as a commuter she hasn’t had any problems getting to know people.

Discussion-based courses and class projects have allowed her to get to know her classmates. In fact, professors encourage student engagement through activities that help them, as well as the students, learn everyone’s names. An aspect Stevie likes best about the college is how easy it has been to make friends. “Once you have a class with someone, it’s like you’re automatically friends,” she says.

Beginning her sophomore year this fall, Stevie plans to major in business marketing and minor in Spanish—hoping to be fluent when she graduates. At first considering a psychology degree, Stevie became interested in business marketing after taking management, one of her freshman learning communities courses. Learning communities are two classes taken within a semester that tie into a central theme. The two courses she took were management and psychology.

While the learning communities provided Stevie with better insight on a future career, her favorite course has been Spanish. Professor Deyanira Ariza-Velasco incorporates activities to make class fun and help students learn—such as watching movies and translating songs. She also brings in authentic food for students to try.

Stevie is happy with life at Westminster. She has been making great friends and memories—her favorites include activities with the student representatives and Spanish Club. As a student representative for the Admissions office, Stevie is familiar with what the college has to offer. What she enjoys most about her position is meeting prospective students and sharing her experiences with them.

Stevie plans to continue working as a student representative, and remain active in the Spanish Club and Tennis Club. After graduating, she plans to stay at Westminster for a graduate degree in business.

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