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Mia Campbell

Name: Amie “Mia” CampbellMia Campbell
Hometown: Littleton, CO
Major(s): English
Clubs & Organizations: Student Ambassador for 2 years, Resident Advisor for 08-09 year, Pierced Leadership team
Interests/Hobbies: Knit, Sing, Read, Hang out with friends

In high school, Amie “Mia” Campbell’s plan was to attend a large university in Colorado and study education. As with most high school plans, they changed. For Mia, all it took was one letter—from Westminster Admissions. Something about the letter “felt right.” After reading it she did some online research and decided on attending a campus tour.

“I fell in love,” she says. “Not only was the campus the most gorgeous I had ever seen, but everyone I met on campus seemed genuinely interested in who I was, even though I wasn’t a student.”

Westminster has provided Mia with great experiences and memories. Her favorite has been the opportunity to study abroad . At the end of Mia’s junior year, she traveled 4,566 miles to Cork, Ireland. For five months she studied at the University College Cork (UCC) and volunteered at LifeFM, a radio station, and learned about radio and broadcasting.

Studying abroad was an amazing experience. However, being on a larger campus—about 15,000 students—helped Mia realize what a “perfect fit” Westminster is for her. “It [UCC] made me realize how much I appreciate Westminster’s small campus and tight-knit community,” she says.

Experiences have played a key role in Mia’s college career. However, it’s the people who have made the greatest impact, namely English professor Jeff McCarthy. During freshman year, Jeff required each of his students to meet with him for at least two office hours during the semester. Mia was expecting a review of her papers and the course, but Jeff’s first questions were about her adjustment to Westminster. “He wanted to make sure that I was not only fitting into the academic rigors of college life, but that I was also fitting into the social scene,” she says. “That made the biggest difference in my college experience.”

A senior this fall, Mia is finishing a degree in English and considering a career in broadcast journalism. She has been a Student Ambassador for two years, a member of Pierced and will be a Resident Advisor.

Mia is pleased with her decision to attend Westminster. The college’s atmosphere, community and people have made “all the difference” for her.


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