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Student Advocates

Student advocates for Balanced LifeStyles

Peer Mentors for Balanced Life Styles are Westminster College students who are committed to making safe and healthy choices about using alcohol and other drugs. Peer Mentors are trained and supervised by the Westminster College Counseling Center.

The Peer Mentoring Program offers opportunities for students to make healthier and safer choices involving their alcohol/other drug use and related student wellness behaviors. They conduct classes, outreach activities and presentations focusing on healthy choice making/awareness/harm reduction. Peers also staff wellness information outreach tables. Peer Mentors provide literature on harm reduction and the possible effects of alcohol and other drugs. Peer Mentors can also talk to students one on one about concerns and questions.

Meet the Student advocates (2013-2014) 

Madison Andrews: 801.864.2179
Sarah Schafer: 801.608.8077
Aleix Weston: 307.679.2408
Jasmine Carlson: 406.314.5272
Susan Ridl: 307.707.0424
Andrea Hoffman: 801.694.9589
Lauren Waters: 801.725.0875
Amanda Higgins: 714.514.2825

Student Advocate Advisors

Michelle Call: 801.832.2246
Cory Shipp: 801.832.2273

Feel free to contact an of the student advocates by phone or email at any time with questions or concerns regarding alcohol, drugs, strees, and etc. 


 Important Information About Alochol

Symptoms of Alcohol Poisoning:

  • Person is passed out and connot be awakened.
  • Person has cold, clammy, or bluish skin color.
  • Person slow or irregular breaths: less than 8 times per minute or more than 10 seconds in between breaths.
  • Peson is vomiting and does not wake up. 

If any of these symptoms exist, Call 911 IMMEDIATELY! 

If Your Friend Is Intoxicated:

  • Get your friend to a safe place.
  • Do no leave your friend alone; monitor breathing,
  • Turn your friend on his/her side to prevent choking.
  • Check for signs of alcohol poisoning.

If you are not sure if your friend nees help, CALL 911!


Drinking? Get a Ride.

  • City Cab: 801.363.5550
  • Ute Cab: 801.359.7788
  • Yellow Cab: 801.521.2100