Students Working on a computer in Bassis Website
Quick Tips


Acrobat Pro

Creating Forms

PDF Files


Creating Frames

Creating Hyperlinks

Creating Web Pages


Common Photoshop Tasks

Preparing Graphics for the Web


Signing up for an Alumni Account

Apple Computer Support

Enabling Right Click

Setting up Mac Mail for the First Time

Using Macs in Meldrum

Basic Internet and Computer Usage

Using Firefox

Using Internet Explorer

Policies for non-Westminster Personal Computers

Virus and Spyware Infromation


New Touchscreens in Gore

Microsoft Office


Entering Formulas and Cells

Working with Formulas


Using Powerpoint

Embedding YouTube Videos

Adding Animations to your Slides

Editing the Slide Master


Changing the Default Font

Mail Merge with Outlook

Saving Files as a PDF

Saving Files as .doc by Default



Using Canvas to Submit an Assignment

Mobile Canvas

EvaluationKIT - Adding Custom Questions (Faculty)

My Files

Accessing MyFiles from the Web


Changing Your Password

Registering for Sections

Video- Registering for Graduate Courses

Video- Registering for Courses using WebAdvisor

Using Webadvisor (for Students)

Submitting Grades

Registration for MBA Courses


Outlook Basics (Web)

Automatic Replies

Creating Rules (Desktop)

Creating Rules (Web)

Forwarding Your Email to a Personal Account

Mail Merge Using Word

Setting up Outlook on an iPhone

Setting up Outlook on a Mobile Device

Share your Calendar

Share your Inbox (Desktop)


Turn off Notifications

Unsubscribe from E-mail List

Using Shared Calendars (Desktop)

Using the Address Book (Desktop)

Using the Address Book (Web)

Setting up email on an iPad


Using Classroom Recording Equipment

Panopto in Canvas


Wireless Printing

Printing from Westminster Anywhere

Using PaperCut (Pay for Print)

Web Editors

Web Editors Basics

Uploading Newsletters to Editors

Westminster Anywhere

Westminster Anywhere

Installing Anywhere on a Mac

Installing Anywhere on Windows

Installing Anywhere on Windows 8


Wireless on Campus

Connecting to WestNetSecured on a Mac

Connecting to WestNetSecured on Windows 7

Connecting to WestNetSecured on Windows 8

Connecting to WestNetSecured on a Mobile Device

Windows Explorer

Using Windows Explorer

Windows Movie Maker

Editing Video in Windows Movie Maker