Scholarships Fulfill College Dreams

Fathom Croteau's ('15) path to Westminster was an unlikely one. A communication major with a passion for victim's advocacy, Fathom grew up in Farmington, New Mexico where the bar for success was set very low and typically involved starting a family at age 15. "Truth be told, I was discouraged by my high school counselor from applying to Westminster because my chances of leaving New Mexico were slim," she said. "I would be lucky to make it to graduation without a kid or two."

College for Fathom was not the rite of passage that it is for so many teenagers. Through the support and encouragement of her mother, Fathom applied to Westminster and received generous scholarship aid, including the Daniels Fund Scholarship. "Scholarships have granted me the opportunity to do something that for many years I thought was just a fantasy," Fathom said. "Without them Westminster would just be a dream."

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