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Theatre Society Officers

Westminster Theatre Society OfficerS

Current Officers

President: Manda Corbett, BFA Theatre Performance, Senior

Vice President: Hannah Minshew, BFA Theatre Performance, Senior

Secretary: Carlie Young, BFA Theatre Performance, Senior

Treasurer: Tyler Palo, BFA Theatre Performance, Junior

Historian: Cj Strong, BFA Theatre Performance, Senior

Publicity Director: Suni Gigliotti, BFA Theatre Performance, Senior

Technical Chair: Harrison Corthell, BA Technical Theatre, Sophomore

officer elections

New Theatre Society presidency members are elected at the end of each year. A call for nominations (for these positions) will be sent out at the end of March, or beginning of April. 

All officers must be enrolled in at least 6 credit hours at Westminster College.
Must have and maintain a 2.5 GPA.
Must not be on academic probation for any longer than one semester at Westminster College.

officeR descriptions

  • President: Conduct all officer meetings and acts as a liaison between administrators and all the members of Westminster Theatre Society. Must be Junior or Senior and previously served as Theatre Society Officer.
  • Vice President: Supports and assists the president in his/her duties and assumes the responsibilities of the president when absent. Must be a Junior or Senior.
  • Secretary: Takes minutes at all meetings and makes sure that these minutes are properly distributed to all members of the organization. Keep records of Theatre Society throughout the year.
  • Treasurer: Keeps all financial records and acts as a liaison between ASWC and the Westminster Theatre Society regarding budget requests and money deposits.
  • Historian: Keeps accurate activity records of the year and is responsible for taking pictures to be included in the end of the year scrapbook compilation.
  • Publicity Director: Heads all areas of publicity in regards to activities, events, meetings, and productions while making sure everyone in the department has the opportunity to be involved. 
  • Technical Chair: Representative of the technical side of our department, this officer will be involved with all decision making while keeping our technical students in mind.