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Hamid Adib

Hamid Adib Hamid Adib, Ph.D.


Dr. Hamid Adib joined the Westminster College Board of Trustees in 2011. Dr. Adib obtained his undergraduate degree from the University of California–Berkeley in mechanical engineering, a master's degree from San Jose State, and a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering from the University of Utah. Dr. Adib owns the Adib’s Rug Gallery in Salt Lake City located in the historic Villa Theatre, where they house their Persian and Oriental rugs, fine arts, and antiques. Dr. Adib has worked as an educator at the University of Utah, a research scientist, and provider of beautiful rugs and other fine arts locally and internationally.

Dr. Adib and his wife, Maryam, reside in Holladay, Utah. They have three sons—Omid, Amin, and Iman. The oldest, Omid, graduated with a degree in biology and played soccer at Westminster College, and he is currently attending medical school in University of Central Florida. Amin is a business major at Westminster and due to graduate in 2013. And the youngest, Iman, is a junior at Skyline High School.