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Environmental Studies Independent Research Grant

Environmental Studies Independent Research Grant


Number of Awards: 2
Description: Stipend for independent summer research guided by a Westminster faculty member.
Award Amount: $1500 stipend per award
Eligibility: Typically awarded to Environmental Humanities or Civic Environmental majors.
Expectations: Award recipients present research results on campus during the following academic year.      
Application Process: (Application currently closed)
Applicants should submit
-Resume, including GPA
- 2-3 page project proposal
- 500 word personal statement explaining why you want to do the project, and why you are the one to make it succeed
- A letter of support from faculty sponsor (see details below)
- Appropriate permissions must be obtained if you're using human subjects
Application Deadline:  March 10, 2014
For Faculty Mentors  (Application currently closed)
The Environmental Studies Independent Summer Research Grant program supports students in summer research projects of their own design and execution. As a faculty referee you are not expected to assist directly with this summer research, but we do hope that you are willing to give guidance, as needed, for this project. The student will report progress to you during the summer;  as such, you and the student, as well as the nature of the project, should determine the number and frequency of these reports. We ask that you also meet with the student once at the beginning of fall semester.
Please describe the capabilities of the student applicant, the significance of the proposed project, and the likelihood of its being completed over the summer. 
In addition, please describe your faculty responsibilities and activities related to this project. This section will be used to determine faculty stipend.