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2006 Social Science Abstracts

2006 Research Fair Archive - Social Science Abstracts

Are Westminster College's Learning Goals Being Met? 
Varied Perspectives from the Campus Community
by Michele Beckstrand, Lara Bero, Sammie Bickmore, Nicole Croft, Ashley Farmer, Jake Fitisemanu, Thomas Kerns, Jamee Roberts and Brandon Sacks 
(Faculty Sponsor:  Gretchen Siegler)

Social Science students initiated a study of the Westminster College learning goals for graduate success, as stated in the 2004 Strategic Plan. This study examines how the goals are being implemented and their impact on the Westminster community. These goals include: critical, analytical, and integrative thinking; creative and reflective capacities; leadership, collaboration, and teamwork; writing and other communication skills; and global consciousness, social responsibility, and ethical awareness. Qualitative research conducted by nine students included sixteen interviews and two focus groups with administration, faculty, staff, and students, and eighteen observations at various campus sites including classes, meetings, and events. Similarities and differences were examined, both within and between the different subgroups, and included an analysis of community members’ perceptions regarding implementation of the learning goals. Through observation, the presence or absence of these goals was noted and analyzed.