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Q&A with Maddie Bowman

Q&A with Maddie Bowman         

Sport: Freeskiing
Hometown: South Lake Tahoe, CA
Major: Undeclared

Q1: Why do you think higher education should be important to USSA athletes?

A1: Your body can't ski competitively forever, so it's good to not have to start from zero when you're down.

Q2: What do you ultimately want to do after you can no longer compete, and how will a Westminster degree help you achieve that?

A2: I'm considering being a math major and teaching. But I'm not committing to anything yet.  

Q3: How has being a Westminster student affected your athletic involvement?

A3: I think it's helped it because I’m surrounded by active people.

Q4: What would you want people to know about your experience at Westminster?

A4: I’ve had a great time [at Westminster]. I lived in the dorms and I loved it!  I met great people. Hogle 3rd!

Q5: What lessons from your Olympic training are able to translate to other areas of your life?

A5: Just to enjoy the ride mostly. 

Q6: What would going to the Olympics mean to you?

A6: It would be awesome to represent where I'm from and how that's gotten me to where I am. 

Q7: How did you get into your sport initially, and why did you decide to pursue it competitively?

A7: I never really made a decision to compete seriously, I just started having fun and never stopped. I initially got into skiing park after I switched from racing and followed all the guys at my home mountain.