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Melody Redmond

Westminster College Student Spotlight: Melody Redmond

Major: Customized Major: Diversified WritingMelody Redmond

Hobbies/likes: reading, writing poetry and prose, Miyazaki films, webcomics, learning about new cultures, exploring the unknown

Hometown: Cottonwood Heights, Utah

Why did you choose Westminster over other schools?
I wanted to attend a school in Utah, and Westminster’s English/Writing program was exactly what I needed. I was also impressed with the manner in which the Honors Program taught their students about the importance of diversity.

What do you particularly like about your major?
I specifically designed my major to round out my writing skills. I don’t know what field of writing I want to go into after I graduate, so I figured why not learn all of them? That way if I change my mind, or if I want to dabble in more than one field, I’ll already have the skills I need to do so.

How do you feel about your learning experiences at Westminster?
Even though I’ve only been here for a year, my view of the world has completely changed because of what I’ve learned in my classes. Westminster holds so much diversity that many other schools in Utah just don’t have. That diversity enables students to see beyond what is right in front of them and to plan ahead.

What else would you like to share about your overall experience at Westminster?
The professors here are fantastic. There have been multiple occasions where I’ve struggled with some serious problems in life and then I've gone to class and the discussion that day leads to something I never would have thought of to put my problem into perspective. To that I would like to say thank you to every professor I have had so far. Each of you has helped me out significantly and I wouldn’t be the same without you.