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Stevie Norcross

Westminster College Student Spotlight: Stevie Norcross


Major: ChemistryStevie Norcross

Hobbies/likes: School and learning new things, new cultural experiences, music, hiking

Hometown: Magna, Utah

Why did you choose Westminster over other schools?
Personal faculty attention, and a great scholarship!

What do you particularly like about your major?
I like that there is so much to learn about chemistry.  No matter how much I think I know, every day, I continue to learn even more interesting things about chemistry and its application. Chemistry helps satisfy my desire for understanding and besides that, how cool is it to say that I can see chemistry happening on the macroscopic level? And understand what is happening on the molecular and atomic level!

What do you plan to do after graduation?
Attend graduate school to get my PhD in Chemistry and then a career!

How do you feel about your learning experiences at Westminster?
My learning experiences here at Westminster have exceeded all of my expectations. The professors here are absolutely fantastic, particularly the science professors. They take the time to get to know students personally, and they sincerely care about their success in school and beyond. I consistently find myself thinking and saying, "I'm surrounded by the most wonderful people here at Westminster College."

What else would you like to share about your overall experience at Westminster?
Westminster has provided me with numerous opportunities, including leadership positions, research opportunities, and even a study abroad experience in Cusco, Peru. I never thought I would be able to study abroad because of the cost and time constraints, but thanks to my professors, it was possible. I received two scholarships to study abroad last summer. Without the personal and in-depth recommendations my professors had written for me, I probably wouldn't have received the scholarships nor had such an amazing learning experience in Peru. My professors were also flexible and understanding, working with me so that I could still do research during the summer. I highly doubt I would have opportunities such as these at any other school.