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Bibek is a recent graduate of Westminster from Nepal. He double majored in economics and theatre and was active in campus life while at Westminster. During his time at Westminster, he served as a presidential ambassador, resident advisor, and campus leader.

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Westminster is more than checking a box for a degree—it’s a diverse network of learners, alumni, and faculty.

Each member of that network brings one-of-a-kind wisdom to the table that broadens and enriches every student’s experience. This amazing network also includes graduate and professional programs that are offered with both on-campus and online options.

Meet Fernando Rivero

Mentor. Advocate. Westminster MPH.

Fernando is a 20-year veteran fire captain and paramedic. Fernando has been actively involved in raising awareness and developing policies aimed at combating sexual violence and human trafficking. He received a Master of Public Health from Westminster and remains active in the campus community as an adjunct professor and the faculty advisor to the Tipping Point, a student club dedicated to raising awareness about sexual assault and human trafficking.

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Meet K.C. Oakley

Champion. Philanthropist. Westminster PMBA.

KC is a world champion skier on the U.S. Freestyle Ski Team who has been competing since the age of 13. Throughout her ski career, she has been at the top of her game with numerous top-three finishes in both national and international completions. K.C. is co-founder of Jill’s Legacy, a youth advisory board to the Bonnie J. Addario Lung Cancer Foundation. K.C. completed the Project-Based MBA program at Westminster College.

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