Mission Statement


We create an innovative, applied, invigorating, and student-centered learning environment that prepares students to be leaders who add value to their workplaces and communities.


Our graduates will be principled, effective leaders who achieve their goals, make lasting contributions, and thrive in a complex and uncertain world.


  • Excellence and continuous improvement in our teaching, service, and scholarship
  • Integrity and ethical behavior
  • Strong relationships with colleagues and students
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Execution and goal accomplishment
  • Personal learning and growth

Strategic Goals

Goal 1

Student learning and success will be our highest priority.

Goal 2

We will be outstanding teachers who create challenging, engaging, applied, and relevant learning experiences for students.

Goal 3

We will engage in scholarship that enhances our expertise, credibility, and teaching.

Goal 4

We will build new partnerships and strengthen relationships with businesses and the community to enhance student learning.