BS in Nursing Department

Students must be admitted to Westminster College and have a valid college login to fill out the Nursing School application. Apply to Westminster College. Please note that the admissions process may take up to 4 weeks.

  • The application deadline for the fall semester is the first Monday of April. Students will be notified of acceptance by May 1.
  • The application deadline for spring semester is the second Monday of October. Students will be notified of acceptance by November 15.

Applicants for the undergraduate nursing program who meet eligibility requirements will be required to complete an interview as part of the overall application process.

Nursing School Application

Admission Requirements

In addition to applying for admission to Westminster College, students apply to progress into the Nursing Program during the sophomore year of study. Acceptance is determined by the School of Nursing and Health Sciences Admission and Progression Committee, which bases its decisions on the following criteria:

  1. A minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.80 and a minimum prerequisite grade point average of 3.00 (from all institutions of higher education attended) and a grade of C or higher in all prerequisite courses. See prerequisite support course requirements.

  2. Proof of one of the following must be submitted: a certificate of completion of a course and/or license as a CNA, LPN/PN, MA, or EMT. Alternatively, if you are enrolled in a course, you will have until December 1 for spring start and until August 1 for fall start to show proof of completion of the course.

  3. Three recommendation forms indicating qualifications for success in nursing. Examples include employers, professors, instructors, or teachers. Transfer students from another school of nursing must also submit a letter of recommendation from the transfer school's Dean of Nursing.

  4. Previous enrollment at Westminster College is beneficial to qualified applicants.

  5. A typed Letter of Intent, which includes statements related to the candidate's skills and qualifications. The letter is evaluated on content, clarity, motivation to become a nurse, spelling, and grammar.

  6. Students will be required to provide background check results at the time of application. Background checks must be free of criminal arrest history.

  7. Students will be required to provide negative drug testing results from an approved laboratory at the time of application.

  8. Students must meet the State of Utah Student Nurse Physical Demands Policy requirement.

  9. Success at Westminster College's Nursing program begins with a strong comprehension of the English language. Because our rigorous courses are taught in English and move at a fast pace, fluency in the language is necessary for understanding concepts and expressing yourself effectively.

    Applicants whose native language is not English must provide evidence of English language proficiency by submitting scores from the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL ibt). A cumulative score of 90 or better and a score of 24 or better on the Speaking section of the test is required to apply to the nursing program. View information about taking the TOEFL.

Applications to progress in the undergraduate nursing program will be reviewed after the applicant submits a completed application form, copies of transcripts from all schools attended, and recommendation forms to the School of Nursing and Health Sciences. Applications will only be reviewed for those students who have submitted all necessary paperwork by the identified deadline.

Nursing Direct Entry for High School Seniors

Westminster College's Nursing program offers direct entry for high school students who are dedicated to completing their Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree in four years. With the direct entry into our nursing program, a student's academic path is secure. Students can have confidence that they have been admitted to the nursing program while they complete their prerequisite classes. With exclusive clinical rotations, rigorous curriculum and a liberal arts education, Westminster nurses are positioned to enter the workforce ahead of their competition.

Direct Entry Application

Upcoming Direct Entry Deadlines

  • Priority Deadline: Dec. 1 (or next business day)
  • Application Deadline: Feb. 1 (or next business day)

Requirements for the Nursing Program Direct Entry

  • Completed Application to Westminster College
  • GPA 3.50
  • Minimum ACT 26 or SAT 1190
  • Nursing Direct Entry Application
  • Two Nursing Request for Reference Forms. (One recommendation must be from a Core Teacher including Math, Science, English or Social Science)
  • Letter of Intent: A one page, typewritten, letter of intent addressing the following questions. How do you conceptualize the nursing profession and the role of a professional nurse? What skills, experiences, and personal philosophies support your application for this program? These might include experiences in health care, community service, life experience, and attitudes or philosophies you consider to be strengths. Describe your ability to work in groups. Identify skills you have or are developing that you consider relevant to group work.

After you complete your prerequisite classes and before you start your nursing classes, you'll need to complete the following.

  • State and federal background check indicating no arrest history or no criminal record (see instruction sheet).
  • 10-panel drug screen showing negative results (see instruction sheet). Must meet the State of Utah Nursing Physical Demands Policy (see attachment).
  • Submit proof of certificate and/or license as a CNA, LPN/PN, MA, or EMT. Alternatively, if you are enrolled in a course, you will have until December 1 for spring start and August 1 for fall start to show proof of completion of the course.
  • Health certificate (physical exam form), evidence of immunizations against tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis (Tdap), measles, mumps, rubella (MMR), polio, and Hepatitis A and B. You are also required to provide evidence of immunity against chickenpox, proof of recent tuberculosis (TB) screening,
  • Current CPR certificate for healthcare providers. In addition, influenza vaccination is required annually.

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