Messages from Leadership

Message from the Chief Diversity Officer

We’re driven toward Inclusive Excellence.

With the recent adoption of our Diversity Statement, the launch of the Diversity Strategic Plan symbolizes our effort to make diversity and inclusion a top priority. The planning process started as an exercise to develop actionable goals and measured outcomes, but it became much more. Through the process, our college became more engaged in discussing the importance of our diversity statement, framing diversity from an academic perspective, and identifying opportunities for Inclusive Excellence at a unit-based and college-wide level.

At Westminster, we strive to make Inclusive Excellence a cornerstone of our institution. Having this mindset means that we see diversity, inclusion, and equity as a critical part of our culture.

This has been a campus-centered process where all members of our community have been asked to participate at either the unit or campus-wide level. Therefore, it will take all of us, our alumni, and our community members to make this plan a success.

You’re invited.

I extend a personal invitation for you to explore this website. You will learn how our college approached this process using an established framework for diversity in higher education that led us to our goals.

We are one Westminster, and together we can move our college forward and toward a more inclusive institution driven by academic excellence.

Marco Barker, Associate Vice President of the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and Chief Diversity Officer

Message from the President and Provost

Last year, members of our campus embarked on an ambitious strategy to develop diversity plans across all of our units at the college. While many individuals have engaged in this important work for years, this most recent effort institutionalizes our strategies and illustrates the community’s continued commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, while also underscoring the understanding of this work as necessary to realizing educational excellence at the college.

Our work is ongoing. We understand that as the diversity of our community grows, we have increasing opportunities to learn from and with one another—inside and outside of our classrooms. Our diversity plans span curricula, programming, policies, and community connections. They are expressions of our core values and will help bring us closer to the inclusive community to which we aspire.

Please visit these pages frequently, and consider the individual actions you can take to foster equity and inclusion on campus. Together, we can achieve excellence that is diverse, inclusive, and just.

Bethami Dobkin, President
Richard Badenhausen, Interim Provost