Phonathon Student Callers

Phonathon StudentsThe Phonathon program at Westminster consists of five current student callers. Students call during the fall and spring semesters to reach out to alumni, parents, and friends of the College.

These students serve a vital role at the college. "We work to keep connections between alumni and the college active," said four year member of the phonathon team, Edward Pishiyski. "Our work is important because we help increase the Alumni Participation Rate (APR), which in turn increases our rankings."

When asked what they like about their jobs Kaity Clements said, "I love hearing all the crazy stories alumni have. My favorite story has to be about the "panty raids" from the 1960s!" One of our newest team member, Sarah Stalpes said, "I like talking to people with similar degrees to mine and seeing where they've ended up."

One third of all donors to the Westminster Fund last year came as a result of these students efforts. Thank you to all of you who pick up the phone and talk to one of our friendly phonathon callers!

The goals of the Westminster College Student Callers are:

  • To share news and invite alumni, parents, and friends to events
  • Help keep the College's records up to date
  • Raise money for The Westminster Fund: the unrestricted fund on campus that supports the critical needs of the College
  • Engage and help build lasting relationships with members of the Westminster College Community
Anna Neste

Anna Neste, '18

Major: International Business/Spanish

Hometown: Grand Junction, CO

Interests: Glassblowing, skiing, yoga

Favorite Campus Spot: Climbing wall

Goals after Graduation: Not sure!

Fun Fact: I started skiing when I was 3 years old

Devinn Rimer

Devinn Rimer, '18

Major: Nursing

Hometown: Vernal, UT

Interests: Reading, baking, listening to music

Favorite Campus Spot: Giovale Library

Goals after Graduation: Work in Labor and Delivery at a hospital

Fun Fact: I have broken boards with my fists

Sarah Staples

Sarah Staples, '18

Major: Pre-med/Neuroscience

Hometown: Moab, UT

Interests: Reading, writing, yoga

Favorite Campus Spot: Meldrum Science Center

Goals after Graduation: Go to medical school and become a neurosurgeon

Fun Fact: I tore my ACL playing Red Rover

Melissa Stevens

Melissa Stevens, '17

Major: Finance

Hometown: Lee, New Hampshire

Interests: Skiing, hiking, yoga, and eating sushi

Favorite Campus Spot: Anywhere outside

Goals after Graduation: Become certified in financial planning

Fun Fact: I drink at least four cups of coffee a day