Dr. Kim Zarkin

Kim Zarkin

Professor of Communication
Westminster College

Areas of Expertise

Media Law, First Amendment, regulation of indecent speech, media ethics, public relations, media history

About Dr. Kim Zarkin

Dr. Kim Zarkin is a professor and chair of the Communication program at Westminster College. She also chairs the Arts Administration program. Zarkin teaches broadly in Mass Communication, offering courses in Media & Society, Communication Law & Ethics, and Race, Gender, Class & the Media. Her primary area of research is the regulation of sexually explicit speech.

Dr. Zarkin has published two books. Anti-Indecency Groups and the Federal Communications Commission: A Study in the Politics of Broadcast Regulation was published by The Edwin Mellen Press in 2003. Her second book was co-authored with her husband, Westminster political science professor Dr. Michael Zarkin. The Federal Communications Commission Front Line in the Culture and Regulation Wars was published by Greenwood Press in April of 2006. It is the first book on the Commission to detail the regulatory history of both broadcasting and telephony.

Dr. Zarkin has a Ph.D. from the University of Florida, a M.A. in Radio from Emerson College, and a B.A. in Mass Communications from James Madison University.