The President's Innovation Network is a distinguished group of men, women, and corporate representatives who play a key role in the continuing renaissance of Westminster College. This exclusive network of investors provides important venture funds for President Steve Morgan to use in supporting the development of educational innovations and other strategic initiatives.

Membership in the President's Innovation Network requires an investment that is renewable annually.

For more information on how you can become a member of the President's Innovation Network, please contact the Office of Advancement and Alumni Relations at 801.832.2732 or email

Six Year Report to Investors

This report, released in the fall of 2011, focuses exclusively on affordability. It outlines what is needed in the short run in order to buy time for the difficult work that will make Westminster affordable in the long run.

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First Five Years Report to Investors

This report identifies new projects the president wants to support and documents the successes that PIN projects have had in the past.

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