Westminster College welcomes student applications from all around the globe.

Westminster provides comprehensive support and services for degree seeking undergraduate and graduate international students, as well as short-term exchange students. Each semester we provide an orientation for new international students, in addition to many other programs and activities designed to create an inclusive community.

We offer a comprehensive range of academic programs.

Each one incorporates many opportunities for participation and practical experience. We believe that small classes sizes taught by excellent professors will provide the sufficient individual attention for you to thrive during your college experience. 

Our campus community is friendly and welcoming.

We have just 3,200 undergraduate and graduate students, so everyone gets to know everyone else well. You will quickly become close friends with American and other international students who will enjoy learning more about your background and culture as they teach you about theirs. Not only will your English skills improve on a daily basis, but you will have the opportunity to share your language with others, discovering that we all are not that different. 

Our location is simply amazing.

Salt Lake City is a wonderful, safe metropolitan area with all the advantages you would expect in a major American city. Unlike most U.S. cities, Salt Lake City is just a short drive from the best recreation areas in the Rocky Mountains- in fact, the 2002 Winter Olympics were held here. We are also close to numerous national parks, the Utah desert, and the Great Salt Lake, the largest inland salt lake in the Western hemisphere.

We offer international students personal assistance with every step of the application and financial aid process. Please contact us by email, mail, telephone, or fax and we will personally respond to all your questions.

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Education USA

Great resource for International Students: http://www.educationusa.info/

International Exchange Students

The college accepts and enrolls students from our partner institutions who are citizens of countries other than the United States for exchange programs. Full-time international exchange students are issued DS-2019 forms to enable them to apply for the J-1 exchange student visas. Exchange students from the following partner institutions may apply using the exchange student application.

  • Universidad de Piura, Peru (UDEP)
  • HTW des Saarlandes, Germany
  • Saxion University, Netherlands
  • ISEP students should contact the ISEP Coordinator at the home school and use the ISEP application

Admission Requirements

Exchange students must submit the following materials to the Director of Student International Services:

  1. Exchange student application for admission (application fee is waived)
  2. Nomination letter from an academic advisor, professor, dean, or exchange coordinator at the partner institution.
  3. Official transcripts showing all coursework completed and in progress at the partner institution. All transcripts must be submitted with an official English translation.Evidence of adequate financial support to cover the total cost of attendance for the duration of the exchange (one or two semesters). This most commonly comes in the form of a certified bank statement or bank letter.
  4. Statement of Financial Responsibility completed by the student and/or financial guarantor.
  5. Exchange students who are non-native speakers of English must submit results of a standardized English language test. Students whose primary and secondary education took place in one of the countries: Australia, Canada, Great Britain, Ireland, New Zealand, the United States. Exchange applicants who graduated from an English-speaking high school may be exempt from this requirement. Westminster College accepts scores from TOEFL, IELTS, or Pearsons. The required scores for undergraduate admission include one of the following:
    • TOEFL ibt: 79
    • TOEFL pbt: 550
    • IELTS: 6.5
    • Pearsons: 53

    The required scores for graduate admission include one of the following:

    • TOEFL ibt: 100
    • TOEFL pbt: 600
    • IELTS: 7.0
    • Exchange students who have attended another college or university in the U. S. and have completed a minimum of 15 academic credits may not need to present a TOEFL score.
    • Photocopy of the identification page of the applicant’s passport.

All materials submitted to the Office of Admissions become the property of the college and cannot be returned to the student or sent to another school. If the student’s school or ministry of education issues only one copy of secondary school grades or examination scores, the Office of Admissions will make a certified copy and return the original to the student; however, in all cases copies must be made from originals. Duplicated copies will not be accepted.

Once all required documentation has been received and the student has been accepted for admission, a Form DS-2019 will be sent to the student.

Application Deadlines

  • October 15 for Spring Semester (January-April)
  • April 1 for Fall Semester (August – December)


All international students must obtain the appropriate visa before arriving to study at Westminster College. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the U.S. Department of State provide oversight for these students.

There are two types of non-immigrant students:

  • An F-1 student is a non-U.S. citizen who is pursuing a full-time course of study at a U.S. academic institution that has been designated by the Department of Homeland Security to enroll such students.
  • A J-1 student is a non-U.S. citizen who is enrolled full-time in a non-degree course of study at an accredited institution approved by the Department of State.

All non-immigrant students are required to attend a comprehensive orientation program upon arrival in Utah. Additional information for non-immigrant students is available at Study in the States.

Healthcare and Health Insurance

All students are advised to have a complete health check-up before arriving in the United States. An immunization record will be required for students who apply to live on-campus.

The healthcare system in the U.S. is expensive and not supported by the U.S. government. In order to avoid large costs every international student is required to purchase health insurance that would help to cover some of your medical expenses. Health Insurance is required for all international students. The insurance policy should be purchased before arrival with an effective date of your first date in the U.S.

Learn about health care in the United States.

Students with F-1 visas can choose any insurance policy. Some recommended options are below. Students with J-1 visas will be automatically enrolled in the College's international health insurance plan at a cost of approximately $300 per semester.


Westminster College is located in the neighborhood of Sugar House, which is a residential suburb about 5 miles from downtown Salt Lake City. The campus and the city are generally very safe, but students are advised to use common sense and good judgment when moving about.

Campus is well-let and patrolled 24 hours a day and 7 days a week by campus security officers. Students are encouraged to protect your valuables—don't leave backpacks, phones, laptops and expensive text books unattended, and always use a U bolt lock to lock up your bicycle.

Fall 2016 International Orientation Schedule
Date Event
Thursday, August 18th Arrive in Salt Lake City. Airport pick-up service is available for new international students arriving from abroad.
Friday, August 19th International Student Orientation for Undergraduates (New and Transfer)
Saturday, August 20–Tuesday, August 23 New Student Orientation for Undergraduates
Monday, August 22 Arrival day for graduate students.
Tuesday, August 23 Orientation for graduate and transfer international students
Wednesday, August 24 Classes begin

*All new and transfer international students are required to attend an orientation program.

Mandatory Check-In

All new and transfer international students should visit the International Center located in Walker One within the first 15 days of the semester in order to remain in status with immigration. Bring your passport, I-20, and current address. If you have F-2 dependents (spouse and children) who traveled with you to the U.S., bring their I-20s and passports with you as well.

On-Campus Employment

International students who are maintaining their F-1 status may work on-campus for up to 20 hours a week while school is in session. Students may work more than 20 hours a week during official school breaks when classes are not in session, as long as they have permission from their supervisor. The Human Resources office maintains an online job board for student employment opportunities.

Curricular Practical training (CPT)

CPT is work experience related to a person's major which is an integral part of the established curriculum and is coordinated through Career Services. It is not an entitled benefit.

  1. Students must have been in lawful student status for at least nine months and you must currently be in status. Graduate students in programs which require immediate participation in curricular practical training may begin their training before they have been here nine months.
  2. The training must either be for credit or required for graduation, and must be documented by the Westminster College Catalog.
  3. Students must remain a full-time student while participating in CPT.
Optional Practical training (OPT)

OPT is temporary employment that is directly related to an F-1 student's major area of study. It is designed to provide students with an opportunity to gain actual employment experience and to round out or complement students' academic work. This is not an entitled benefit. An F-1 student can be authorized to receive up to a total of 12 months of practical training after completion of studies. Students may not take any classes during OPT.

Please read the OPT handout and review the OPT Presentation prior to making an OPT appointment with an International Student Advisor

OPT STEM Extension

Students who graduate with a bachelor's degree in one of the following majors at Westminster may be eligible for a 24-month STEM extension. Contact the International Center for more information.

  • 03.0103 Bachelor of Arts-Environmental Studies—Civic Environment
  • 03.0103 Bachelor of Arts-Environmental Studies—Humanities
  • 03.0103 Bachelor of Science—Environmental Science—Science Concentration
  • 11.0101 Bachelor of Science—Computer Information Systems
  • 11.0701 Bachelor of Science—Computer Science
  • 26.0101 Bachelor of Science—Biology
  • 26.1501 Bachelor of Science—Neuroscience
  • 27.0101 Bachelor of Science—Mathematics
  • 40.0501 Bachelor of Science—Chemistry
  • 40.0601 Bachelor of Science—Geology
  • 40.0801 Bachelor of Science—Physics
  • 42.2799 Bachelor of Science—Psychology

J-1 exchange students can be authorized in certain situations for employment characterized as Academic Training, the name used by the Department of State (DOS) for certain types of study-related employment. Academic Training is flexible in its format and offers a variety of employment situations to supplement your academic program in the United States. It is available before completion of your program of study (that is, concurrent with your studies) as well as afterwards.

Eligibility for Academic Training
  1. Your primary purpose in the United States must be to study and not Academic Training.
  2. You must be in good academic standing at the school named on your DS-2019 form.
  3. The proposed employment must be directly related to your major field of study in the United States.
  4. Throughout your Academic Training you must maintain permission to stay in the United States, in J-1 student status, and apply for extensions as necessary.
  5. You must maintain health insurance coverage, as required by federal regulations.

All Academic Training must be authorized by the Responsible Officer (Sara Demko at Westminster College) prior to beginning employment.

Applying for a Social Security Number (SSN) or SSN Ineligibility Letter

IMPORTANT NOTE: Before you go to the Social Security Administration Office (SSA) to submit an application and documents for a SSN, ALL newly arrived students MUST WAIT at least ten (10) business days AFTER: (1) The date of your arrival in the United States, and (2) A DSO has registered you in SEVIS.

Apply for a Social Security Number

You must have a job to apply for a SSN.

  1. Obtain an Employment Offer Letter

    F-1 and J-1 students must provide evidence of employment or a promise of employment before the Social Security Office will assign a SSN. You need to get an offer letter from your employer or future employer. For on-campus employment, you will get this letter from the Human Resources Office in Bamberger Hall, room 106. The offer letter must be on official letterhead stationery (printed with employer's company name, logo, address, contact information), which must include the following.

    • Employer's signature
    • Current date
    • Employee's name
    • Employee's job title
    • Employee's start and end dates
    • Employee's work hours per week
  2. Obtain a Work Authorization Letter from the International Center

    Make sure you are registered full-time for classes (12 undergraduate credits or 7 graduate credits), and bring your original Offer of Employment Letter to the Diversity and International Center. The advisor will verify your status and give you a Work Authorization Letter

  3. Complete an Application for a Social Security Card (Form SS-5)

    This form is available at the Social Security Office.

  4. Go to the Social Security Administration Office (SSA)

    Bring required documentation to apply for a SSN.

    • Passport (including visa)
    • I-94 Card
    • Original I-20 (F-1 & F-2 students/dependents) or DS-2019 (J-1 & J-2 students/scholars/dependents)
    • Employment Offer Letter on official letterhead stationery
    • Work Authorization Letter from the International Center
    • Form SS-5 Social Security Administration Application
Getting a Social Security Ineligibility Letter

If you do not have a job and, therefore, cannot get a social security number.

If you are not eligible for a social security number, you can request a letter of ineligibility from the Social Security Office. You will receive the letter right away. You are required to have the letter of ineligibility in order to apply for a state ID or driver's license.

To obtain a Social Security Ineligibility Letter, go to the Social Security Administration Office (SSA—address below) with required documentation:

  • Passport (including visa)
  • I-94 Card (If you don't have an I-94 card, you can access it online)
  • Original I-20 (F-1 & F-2 students/dependents) or DS-2019 (J-1 & J-2 students/scholars/dependents)
Social Security Administration Office

Address: 175 East 400 South, Suite 500 (diagonal from Downtown Library)

  • You can take the 220 Bus to the University of Utah, then take the TRAX to the Library Stop

Phone: 801.524.4115 or 1.800.772.1213

Hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Wednesday: 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.