Meet Westminster International Students

  • Dariia

    Dariia Miroshnikova

    Home: St. Petersburg, Russia
    Languages: Russian, English, French
    Campus jobs: Graphic Designer, English Tutor
    Why Westminster?
    “When I first arrived at Westminster I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do as a career.  I took a lot of different types of classes and eventually I decided on a Communication major. Now I use the skills I learned in my campus job as a graphic designer.”
  • Vi

    Vi Dao

    Home: Hanoi, Vietnam
    Accounting and Finance
    Languages: Vietnamese and English
    Campus job: International Recruiting Assistant
    Why Utah?
     “Utah a safe and beautiful state. You can do many outdoors activities here all year round. There're a lot of beautiful places to visit (national parks, state parks, monuments, etc.) There are also a lot of career opportunities for students after graduation.”
  • Vicky

    Jiaxin Wang

    Home: Shijiazhuang, China
    Major: Computer Science
    Languages: Chinese, English
    Campus jobs: Hall monitor, Chinese tutor
    Why Westminster?
    “Westminster is a small campus but a big family, there is always something going on here. You can easily make friends with a lot of great people, build a close relationship with your professors, and get really involved here.”

  • Diana

    Diana Mavlanova

    Home: Turkmenabat, Turkmenistan
    Languages: Russian, English, and a bit of French
    Campus jobs: Lifeguard and yoga instructor
    Why Utah?
    “If you enjoy skiing, hiking, and rock climbing, Utah is the place to be!”
  • Charchit

    Charchit Dahal

    Home: Bhaktapur, Nepal
    Major: Computer Science
    Languages: Nepali, Hindi, Urdu, English
    Campus jobs: START Center Office Lead, Ellipsis Magazine Production Editor
    Why Westminster?
    "Westminster is a great place for international students because it offers a small campus community where diversity is prime. Prospective international students are encouraged to apply because we believe in inclusion and communication as a way of achieving academic excellence."

  • Sara

    Sara D’Agostino

    Home: Milan, Italy
    Italian, English
    Campus jobs:
    Research Assistant – Finance program
    Why Westminster?
    “I have so many amazing opportunities as a result of the people, especially the faculty that I’ve met at Westminster.  I’ve gotten two great off-campus internships with finance companies that are providing me with really valuable work experience.